The well-known media personality from Nigeria, Daddy Freeze, just made a fresh statement.

The OAP advised his followers that giving money to their wealthy parents is not a blessing.

On Monday, January 18, Freeze posted this on his Instagram page and claimed that the blessing only applied to donating to the needy and the poor.

He claims that  his mother has a good job and also wealthy, because of that he has never given her money in his whole life.

The current vice chancellor of Afe Babalola University in Ado Ekiti, Prof. Smarinda Olarinda, is Freeze’s mother.

But he added that it’s acceptable to give your parents money if they’re struggling and poor, but giving money to wealthy parents is a waste.

He also remembered a time when a politician left money at his mother’s house while she wasn’t there, and the woman drove down to get the money back.

He clarified that his mum prefers to spend the money she worked hard for rather than receiving freebies.

The media celebrity continued by saying that most people who won’t grasp his message are individuals who have made wealth their “god” and poverty their “sibling.”


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