The founder of the liberate the sheeple movement and well-known media figure in Nigeria, Daddy Freeze, has revealed something new.

He cautioned individuals against getting married to someone who can’t fulfill their sexual needs.

In reaction to actress Deyemi Okanlawon’s recommendation for married couples to have sex every day, he made this statement on Instagram.

Freeze emphasized the value of s*x in marriages and committed partnerships, advising couples to prioritize it and even have numerous passionate encounters each day.

He asserted that if s*x weren’t so crucial, married couples wouldn’t deceive one another to fulfill their s*xual needs.

He continued by revealing how 65 out of the 83 married women he counseled in his church acknowledged having an affair at least once.

See his complete message below.

“More than once a day sef if you can

Intercourse is very very very important in a marriage or committed relationship.

No marry who no fit satisfy you o, e get why.

As a church leader, let me give you some scary statistics. First, remember that the Freenation Church only started in 2017, so all the members of our church came from other churches, largely pentefraudsta.

In 2018, I counseled 83 married women, 65 of them had cheated on their husbands at least once, while 43 of them (more than half), had cheated more than once.

Finally 25 of them were in current relationships with other men.

These were spirit filled, tongue kabashing prayer warriors o. Some were even workers in my former pente church.

If intercourse is not so important, please why were they cheating? This is why I say it all the time, from the moment you are engaged, my advise is; sample the goods, taste the milk before you buy the cow, there is no scripture that says it is sinful for an engaged couple to have intercourse.

The word fornication was coined by the authors of the King James Bible and it never included intercourse between engaged or betrothed couples.

If una fit dey fire several times a day, fire dey go, e dey help prostate. No let motivational speakers mislead you O.

Me I don talk my own and e dey work well well.


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