Dino Melaye reacts to Peter Obi's outburst against him

Former Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye has responded to the outburst against him by Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Melaye who is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign spokesman said Obi’s verbal outburst against him was unwarranted and not presidential.

The controversial politician made the remarks in a video he posted on his Twitter page.

He denied the accusation made against him by Obi, averring that the former Anambra State Governor was only provoked by the performance of Ifeanyi Okowa, the PDP Vice Presidential running mate at the event.

He also mocked Obi for saying someone is from ANPP, a party that doesn’t exist anymore, after it merged with two other parties to form the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Watch the Video below:

In his words:

“Fellow country men, I am doing this video just to clarify the outburst by Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party yesterday.

“He was not provoked, I was sitting far opposite the top sit where they were sitting. I didn’t mention his name and I was really surprised to see that type of outburst from a presidential candidate.

“Is that the type of president he’s going to make? Just taking on people and showing unpresidential characteristics. The way he acted yesterday was very very….. He rather called me out because there was no way , I didn’t do anything, I didn’t call his name, I mean where I was seating, there was nothing I could have said that Obi would have said and there was nothing, I didn’t do anything.

“So that outburst is unwarranted, very unpresidential, unacceptable of a leader.

“A leader must be matured, one who wants to govern this country must be accommodating, must have a lot of patience, must have perseverance.

“These are basic characteristics of leadership anywhere in the world.

“You want to be president of Nigeria and you are reacting in such a manner in the public.

“This one would slap his ADC for office as President.

“So I want to clear the air that there was nothing, I didn’t do anything to him.

“He was so provoked and so carried away by the performance of Governor Okowa that he was saying somebody outside is from ANPP. Does that make any sense? Is there any party like ANPP in Nigeria today.

“ANPP collapsed in 2014 when they all almagamated and merged together to form APC.

“But he was so disorganised, so disoriented that he was saying that the person out there is from ANPP.

“Is there any party like ANPP in Nigeria today?

“Next time you want to go for a debate, be as calm as Governor Okowa, be as calm as the PDP Vice Presidential Candidate.

“But that was very unpresidential and I deserve a serious apology.

Thank you very much.”


Dino Melaye reacts to Peter Obi's outburst against him

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