Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham declared that she would support Bola Tinubu, the APC’s nominee for president in February.

She said it during a talk program interview called “Your View” on television.

I’ll vote for Tinubu because I adore him, the filmmaker remarked, even though she hasn’t legally declared her preference.

She also said that the Tinubu “has been a wonderful man to my people.”

“I love Asiwaju and I’m speaking about myself. I love him. And I’ll vote for him because I love him. Although I’ve not decided, I’m just telling you. And because of the things he has done for my industry,” she said.

“I’m not gonna use my own interest to lead others. He has been a wonderful man to my people. He has been there for people even when they had nothing. I am speaking for my own Oluwatoyin Abosede Dada Abraham Ajeyemi.

“Let people choose whoever they want to choose. I will not let people use the gender part of me. I will support anyone who supports everybody. Someone competent.

“I’m not going to jeopardise the future of our children because of gender part or because I have a colleague there.”

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