Ubi Franklin, a Nigerian music executive, stated that despite having $5 million, he still struggled with depression.

He revealed this in a podcast with Tea with Taypod, saying that despite having nearly $5 million and the best care, he was depressed in 2017.

Ubi claims that when his marriage to Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro ended, he initially believed it was because of a lack of funds.

Even though he amassed a sizable fortune following the dissolution of his marriage, he continued to experience sadness since he lack a home, a family, or someone to share his achievement with like Nigerian musician Iyanya.

According to Ubi Franklin, for people like him, having riches is not about bragging about it; rather, it is seen in the lives of their wife and kids.

He said: “In 2017, I had almost $5 million but was depressed. I had the best cars. I felt my marriage crashed because I had no money to fund things. A year after my marriage crashed and I was almost on $5 million for investment I did from crypto back in the days, I was sitting on that kind of money doing business and everything but I didn’t have a home or somebody like Iyanya to make that kind of financial expression on him.

“For some of us our money is not about showing off is for things that are around us to show off, you know, maybe your wife, your children.

“There was no fulfillment for me because what I actually planned was not what was going on with me at that time. I had a breakdown of the plan of what I wanted During that depression, I was making mistakes. I spent nights in hotels but he didn’t give me happiness, I traveled to different countries and did things on my bucket list but I was not fulfilled.”

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