In order to conduct the presidential election in Lagos state, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will need an enormous amount of staff.

For the elections in Lagos state alone in 2023, INEC claims it will require around 60,000 workers.

THE ELECTORAL OPERATINGS DIRECTOR OF INEC. This was said by Mr. Felix Daramola during the Team Nigeria for Change-organized voter education and sensitization conference yesterday in Lagos, which was titled “Know Your Rights, Vote Right.”

The commission, according to Felix, has begun the process of hiring ad hoc personnel.

He remarked that the BVAS are prepared and ready to conduct the elections while expressing the commission’s readiness.

Daramola pointed out that the approach is successful and is implemented in the Nigerian states of Osun and Ekiti.

“We need close to 60,000 personnel in Lagos for the electoral exercise. We’ve started the process of recruiting adhoc staff.

“Our BVAS are ready and good to go. It is seamless, it was used in Osun and Ekiti, and it recorded high success.

“I can assure you that the commission is ready to conduct the 2023 polls.

Felix, however, asserted that the new electoral act is against it and that the commission is aware of the reports that people are buying and selling voter identification.

In contrast, the forum’s organizer, Mr. Bestman Nze-Jumbo, exhorted attendees in his opening remarks to repeat the knowledge they had learned by instructing others in their various fields.

He said: “This is a voters’ sensitisation programme aimed at educating people on what to do on election day. Instead of just using the media, we thought of having a practical even.

In their individual remarks, speakers such as Mr. Richard Akinnola, who was expertly represented by Mr. Shina Loremikan, Mrs. Yemi of EiE Nigeria, Comrade Agehdo Kehinde, Hon. Olawale Ajala, Sanwo-aide Olu’s Anthony “Zulu Authority,” and a host of others urged Nigerians to vote responsibly in the upcoming elections.



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