Atiku Abubakar’s wife Titi has urged Nigerians to support her husband, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

According to, she begged Ogun state residents to support her husband so that she might be the first Yoruba woman to hold the position of First Lady.

During the PDP’s campaign rally on Wednesday at the Ake Palace grounds in Abeokuta, Mrs. Abubakar made the request.

Titi, who spoke in Yoruba at a PDP presidential campaign rally in Ogun State, thanked the party’s supporters for backing Lado (Ladi Adebuti) for the position of governor of the state. Titi then asked the crowd who they would be voting for in the upcoming presidential election, to which the crowd reacted in unison, “Atiku! Atiku!”

She furthered, “If you vote for Atiku, there will be ease of life. Only Atiku knows the way. He will provide social amenities for you. Atiku has done it before. Atiku worked with Baba Obasanjo.

“Atiku headed the economic team. Atiku will provide jobs for youths and women. Atiku has promised. I also took part. I took back all the girls that were abroad for prostitution and I rehabilitated them.

“No Yoruba woman has had the opportunity to be a first lady. I beg you, men and women, make one of your own to be the first, I promise. I won’t forget you, and you won’t regret this.”

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