decision made by the Osun State governorship election petitions tribunal has been referred to as “black market judgment” by the Coalition of United Political Parties.
Recall that Ademola Adeleke was fired from his position as governor of Osun state today by the Tribunal, who labeled the decision “black market acquired judgment.”
However, Mark Adebayo, the Co-National Spokesperson for CUPP, expressed confidence that justice will be served in statement he released on Friday.
He said, “We are not perturbed because justice will eventually be done on this case. The same way that fuel scarcity is biting hard across the country and motorists have to resort to the black market to buy fuel is the same way that we consider this judgment as a black market purchased judgment that we are confident will eventually be overturned by higher courts.
“It is a temporary attempt to rob the Osun State people of their sovereign will and the judicial processes through its remedial mechanisms will do real justice to correct this anomalous injustice in the name of judgement. That it was a split decision judgment says a lot about its lack of merit.
“The mandate willfully given by the Osun State people to Governor Adeleke remains intact and any attempt to steal it will fail woefully.”

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