Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the general superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, has spoken on the results of the presidential election that was held on February 25.

One contender will win the 2023 presidential race, Kumuyi forewarned.

He gave them the advice to accept failure and look forward to the next election.

Pastor Kumuyi acknowledged that after investing millions and billions of Naira in their campaigns and electioneering, none of the contenders would want to lose. However, he cautioned the politicians to avoid inciting conflict when speaking to the electorates.

Today, as he landed in Asaba, Delta State’s capital, for a six-day global crusade, Kumuyi gave the advice.

The founder of the Deeper Life Church said that while it is vital to pray for the upcoming election, it is as crucial that voters turn out in large numbers and cast their votes for their favored candidates in 2023.

He said, “We are praying for the election, but then we must follow up our prayers with action by coming out to vote en masse.


“Action in the sense that all those who are eligible to vote should be intelligent and shouldn’t just cast their votes for wrong leaders. We should be careful by deciding who will rule over us.


“We are having security and economic problems at the moment, yes, we are praying, but we need to come out en masse to elect good leaders.

“All these candidates want to win, nobody wants to lose having spent a huge amount of money to a campaign, but two, three or four persons cannot be president at the same time.

“Only one person will be president at a time, it is not a do-or-die affair. Whosoever wins the rest should accept it. I’m appealing to the candidates to say what they want to say without fighting.”

Pastor Kumuyi bemoaned the recent unrest and misery in the nation once more, stating, “Even if one person goes hungry, I’m not at ease.”

Kumuyi promised the assembly that the worldwide crusade will be an amazing encounter with God while speaking about it.

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