Why I Don't Need To Have Majority In The Senate/HOR, And What I Intend To Do With Bills -- Peter Obi

Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi has said he’s not disturbed about the possibility of not having enough party seats in the lower and upper arms of the legislative arm.


Obi, a former governor of Anambra made this known during an interactive session with veteran comedian, Ayo Makun also known as AY.


Obi who was a guest on AY Live on his Instagram page said he will open governance for the people and not the legislators and as such he would not be bothered if his political party do not have the required seats to be the majority in the two chambers of the house.


Probed further on how he plans to initiate bills for the smooth operation of his government with a non-politically aligning legislative arm, Obi went down memory lane and recalled that he had no single party member in the house of Assembly when he held sway as Anambra Chief Executive.

As Governor of Anambra State, I did not have one house member from ny party. It was 30/30 from another party”, he said.


“I didn’t have Local Government Chairmen, I didn’t have Senators, I didn’t have anybody in the national assembly and I served the State.”


“It is only when you play transactional politics that you will be worried about this.”



He noted that despite having 0 percent of House of Assembly members, he was able to initiate bills like the return of Missionary schools to the original owners among others.



“Because Senator, where Nigeria is now is not safe in his village, so its house of reps members. Everybody now is now is insecure, their parents are not secured, their relations are insecure, everybody is running for cover.”


“In a war situation, all we want is who do the right thing and I can tell you, I’m going to take governance to the public, to the Nigerian people, everything would be transparent.”


“So we don’t need to have house members because the Nigerian people will decide who is right and wrong.”


“If you don’t want us to survive, we will answer the Nigerian people. The Nigerian people will decide. They are the employers. We would now know who they are employing, whether the CEO is the problem or whether it’s those who are doing other areas of the job.”

While noting that his government will be for the people themselves, he said:

“So this is the time the Nigerian people will take governance, just like I did in Anambra State, I took governance to the people and even the people started reacting, everybody started doing what he’s supposed to do.  “We now passed the law to return schools to the original owners, not one house member was in my party but those who passed it knew that the people were watching them.”


“Same thing is what I’m going to do, my budget, everything I’m taking to the national assembly will be open, will be transparent. There will be no nepotism which I consider as corruption; in fact, I will have the best team in Nigeria.”


“For example, talking about appointments, we are going to have the best team ever because it’s not going to be a party affair, it will be all Nigerians affair where we would get the best.”


“Cos we are in trouble, it’s not like we would say in this place we want this person to do the work of driving, no this is not it, it is going to be the best. And if you assemble them, people would see it”, he said.

Watch the video interview below:


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