At the age of 38, Jay Briscoe, a professional wrestler with Ring of Honor, passed away.

Tony Khan, the founder of AEW and the person who bought the Ring of Honor event last March, posted the depressing information on social media.

He wrote: “Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away. Known to fans as Jay Briscoe, he was a star in ROH for over 20 years, from the first show until today.

“Jay and his brother Mark dominated ROH, reigning as champions to this day. We’ll do whatever we can to support his family. Rest In Peace Jamin.”

The wrestler was reportedly involved in a car accident in Delaware, according to pro wrestling expert Dave Meltzer.

Jay, whose real name is Jamin “Jay” Pugh, joined ROH in 2002 and went on to form one of the greatest tag teams in the history of pro wrestling with his brother, Mark.

Jay and Mark were tag team partners wrestling under the name “The Briscoe Brothers”.

The first class of the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame, which included Jay and Mark, was honored last year.

After the devastating loss, condolence letters are starting flooding in.

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