The chronic fuel shortage in Nigeria and the new naira policy have prompted a response from the United Nations.

Matthias Schmale, the humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations in residence, expressed concern about the problems.

This was said in a statement that our journalist had access to on Thursday.

“At the same time, INEC is facing some challenges,” said Schmale, noting that the Independent National Electoral Commission is doing its best to ensure a free, fair, and credible election. “For instance, around logistics, power supply, employing and deploying the right personnel at the right time.”

In order to achieve this, the ambassador reiterated the UN’s commitment to helping Nigeria ensure free, fair, and inclusive elections.

The promise was made during the diplomatic community’s first quarterly briefing, which the Schmale hosted on Wednesday at the UN House.

The UN resident coordinator expressed concern over some outspoken acts of intolerance and hate speech made by individuals of different political affiliations in public places and urged all political parties and their candidates to use caution and uphold the terms of the peace agreement they had signed.

Schmale talked on the UN Strategic Development Cooperation Framework that was inked with the Nigerian government and how crucial it was for the UN to help the latter speed up the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

He said “Last year’s devastating flood episodes and the Cholera outbreak have shown that humanitarian crises are not limited to the North-East alone.
“Therefore, we need to support the government in addressing humanitarian challenges outside the North-East.”

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