The ex lover of Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has allegedly shared nude videos and pictures of the actress on social media.

Reports has it that, George Wade created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting naked videos and images of the actress in her house, including unaware videos of her taking her bath.

Recall that the duo had separated sometime last year, with the actress accusing her ‘ex-fiance’ of physically assaulting her, in a Livestream via her business Instagram.

Similary, George had previously threatened Empress after she called off their engagement last year.

“I swear to God, you do not know what is coming” George threatened in the video.

The videos and images have been shared to other social media platforms and has since gotten a good number of reactions from Nigerians with many calling out Wade for what they described as an insane and evil move.

@Chrisvilleofficial wrote: Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Stop ignoring red flags! People don’t change!

@Nck_Obi: Empress needs to involve the police. Lock up that mf. You got jilted and the first thing that popped up in your tiny brains is to create a WhatsApp group and leak nudes? What kind of pea-brained men are these bikonu??

@Toniatuslim: Where Empress Njamah see this mad man in the first place? Mad men roaming the streets y’all be safe out there.

@Bullsies: On Empress Njamah’s so-called leaked nudes all I have to say to her is Ntoor ! The guy should be jailed maximum term.

Old things who ought to be almost grandparents are busy taking nudes & storing them for what reason exactly?

After all, Tiwa is proud of hers. F00lish things.

@Uloodenigbo: God may we not meet or date plagues

@iamyetundebakare: God please, no matter what my sins are. Don’t let me be with an enemy on disguise. May a heartless wicked man never be my fate.





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