The Independent National Electoral Commission’s capacity to conduct free and fair elections has been fully endorsed by the US government.

Just a few days prior, it was announced that Nigerians would no longer be granted visas due to allegations that they had curtailed the nation’s democracy.

Mary Beth Leonard, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, said they have no preferred candidate and are only interested in a free and fair election in Nigeria she said this at the 20th Daily Trust Dialogue in Abuja.

Leonard stated:

“The United States supports credible and transparent elections that will reflect the will of the people in a process that will be conducted peacefully. We have confidence in INEC to conduct the elections.

“2023 is an opportunity for Nigeria to claim its place as the democratic leader in Africa. We favour no candidate. We favour open and transparent elections conducted in a peaceful process. This is the foundation of democracy and legitimate transfer of power.

“It’s good that we reflect on the fact that since 1999, Nigerians voters have successfully exercise their democratic rights. For more than two decades, Nigeria has demonstrated to Africa and the world its strong commitment to peaceful and transparent elections.”

The U.S. ambassador continued by saying that while democracy is being undermined in several African countries, the practice is intensifying in Nigeria.

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