Bola Tinubu Stands By ‘Rotten To Bad Situation’ Statement, Insists It’s An Achievement

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu has clarified the ‘turn the rotten to bad situation’ statement he made at the KadInvest 7.0, Bifotad Media reports.


The former Lagos State Governor had in Kaduna while eulogizing the Kaduna Sate Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai had appealed to him to stay behind in Nigeria after his tenure elapses to turn a rotten situation to a bad one. The statement generated furore on the media space, with many questioning the APC leader mental capacity.


Tinubu’s comment largely generated condemnation by the populace, with some of his supporters defending him, averring that it was a slip of tongue that is common to many people.


The APC Standard bearer has now come out to say it was never a slip but an intended statement to mean an achievement.


Mr. Tinubu while addressing participants at the Interactive session of the Arewa Joint Committee said he would love to correct some people who did not understand some simple idioms.

“Let me at this stage correct some people who didn’t understand idioms and synonyms. I said Mallam Ahmed Nasir Rufai turned a rotten situation to a bad one: It’s an achievement. Something you gave up all, rotten beyond salvation and you now say Hahaha, there is life, and it’s bad. You know in KD, we thought here is a forest of killers but ever since he has reviewed that unmanageable situation, that rotten situation to a liveable environment and chased worst people. What are we looking for? Progress, to turn it from bad good.”


Bola Tinubu, a former Lagos State Chief Executive has been under intense scrutiny in recent times, especially on his health status, with some section of Nigerians casting doubt on his fitness and health. He has since assured Nigerians that he is healthy and fit enough to be President, adding that the office of a President is not a bricklaying job.


Tinubu also recently underwent surgery in the United Kingdom on his left knee that reportedly had a fracture in a domestic accident in his Bourdillion, Ikoyi residence.


Watch Tinubu’s video below:


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