President Muhammadu Buhari has been threatened with legal action by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP).

In response to an alleged attack on Peter Obi’s campaign train for the Labour Party’s presidential nomination in Katsina, SERAP threatened to sue President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement, Diran Onifade, the head of media for the LP-PCC, said that hoodlums attacked Obi’s car while it was being driven to the airport on Monday after he had attended a rally in the state.

“Our candidate had met with women in a townhall and then held a hugely successful rally at the Muhammad Dikko Stadium,” the statement reads

“However, on his way to the airport, hoodlums attacked the car our candidate was riding in with heavy stones from his driver’s side, causing substantial damage to the vehicle. To the glory of God, Mr Obi and other occupants of the car were unhurt.

“Subsequently, another set of thugs also threw stones outside the stadium which damaged several vehicles including that of our official stage crew.”

The campaign council further claimed that “desperate politicians” may have been behind the attacks because of Obi’s presence in the state.

In response, SERAP requested that the incident be looked into in a tweet to the Buhari-led government.

“The Buhari administration must promptly investigate the reported attack on the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, after a rally in Katsina on Monday. We’ll take legal action if the perpetrators are not immediately arrested and prosecuted,” the civic group stated.

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