Sub-Groups Inside Main Groups, 32 Person Video Calls, Polls And Others: WhatsApp Rolls Out New Updates

Messaging platform, WhatsApp has taken its competitive edge to another level by rolling out new exciting features.

Arguable the most popular messaging app globally, WhatsApp has over the years played catchup to it’s major rival, Telegram in daunting features.

Sub-Groups Inside Main Groups, 32 Person Video Calls, Polls And Others: WhatsApp Rolls Out New Updates

It had recently followed the footstep of Telegram and Imo with the addition of the ‘delete option’ feature (though not as total as that of Telegram).

Today, the Meta Inc owned platform has announced it would be expanding it’s video calling option to accommodate 32 people in a single video call while also rolling out polls in it’s private message and group chats.

The new update will also give users the opportunity of having sub groups inside a main group to sort out different functions of a particular big group.

The Chief Executive of Meta Inc, Mark Zuckerberg while announcing the update with an accompaning video wrote:

“Today we’re launching Communities on WhatsApp. It makes groups better by enabling sub-groups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and more. We’re also rolling out polls and 32 person video calling too. All secured by end to end encryption so your messages stay private.”

The new video calling update will definitely give Zoom, a video calling app a run for it’s money. Zoom, a app founded by former Cisco engineer and executive, Eric Yuan has over the years become a darling of entrepreneurs and business executives as it offers conference call for a large audience, enabling video meetings between brands.

The pandemic offered Zoom global acceptability as different lockdowns around the world forced companies and organisations to work from home, with virtual events becoming the get to go. The Zoom app came to the rescue with it’s cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform that can be used for Video meetings, voice calls, virtual events, and conference rooms for video meetings.

Though the pandemic and the associated lockdowns appeared to have gradually fizzled out, the need for virtual meetings and conference calls has increased over the years coupled with the rising digitalisation of the 21st century world.

WhatsApp appears to be latching on the conference calling adoption with the roll out of this new feature.

The polling option that allows users to vote on issues and topics is another feature that breaks the ice. The feature, already available on Telegram can be termed a new digital coup by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp appears to have a popularity edge over Telegram but the latter has a feature-edge over it.

The Mark Zuckerberg app will be looking for ways to sharpen it’s competitive edge with more feature rollout in the coming weeks.

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