Femi Falana, SAN, a human rights advocate, has issued a caution to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regarding a recent Supreme Court decision regarding obsolete naira notes.

He declared that the CBN must abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

In a statement on Thursday, Falana warned the central bank not to believe stories and suggestions that it may disregard the Supreme Court’s ruling prohibiting it from implementing the ban on the old Naira notes.

In his statement titled, “Why CBN Must Obey Ex Parte Order Of Supreme Court”, he highlighted many cases supporting the court’s decision.

He asked with CBN’s management to let the ruling stand in the interim while the Federal Government filed an order of dismissal.

Falana warned that acting otherwise would bring about the nation’s ruin and anarchy.

“In the interim, the Federal Government of Nigeria and its agencies, including the Central Bank of Nigeria, are bound by the valid and subsisting ex parte order of the Supreme Court of Nigeria until it is set aside by the same court. The alternative is to compound the ongoing anarchy and chaos in the land,” he said.

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